Monthly: September 2012

Whatever works, works!

SEC-T 2012 I recently had the privilege of attending SEC-T 2012, one of the few really technical Swedish security conferences. [] All in all a really great conference, i got to talk to some cool people and i really think that everyone left with a vast amount of new knowledge and ideas. But that is not really what this post is about.. This post is a lesson in practicality. The problem SEC-T had a on-site competition during the entire conference. […]

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The fun way to change perspective

In my talk at DevCon12 in Karlskrona my main message to the audience was: Change perspective! The main topic for the talk was an introduction to Capture the Flag (CTF). CTFs are computer security wargames, or loosely put: Hacker-competitions. Why this talk at a software engineering conference you might ask? Well, my opinion is that the ability to look at a problem from several perspectives is what separates a good developer from a great developer. The perspective as the attacker […]

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